Are you accustomed to doing things old school? When it comes to looking for a new job, has it been easier for you to just spread the word to local buddies and hope for the best than to put together an official job search plan of attack? For many of us, both in our personal lives and professionally, we rely on friends, neighbors and even general acquaintances to do the right thing and put in a good word on our behalf. Whether we are being considered for a job or a seat on a committee or a potential blind date, we often put a lot of stock in the way that others will promote us and build us up.

But, when it comes to looking for a good job in today’s competitive market, word of mouth referrals are no longer enough to cover your back. Sure, it is still gravely important that former coworkers and employers have good things to say about you and will readily discuss your former accolades and developed strengths, but you have to do the foot work yourself and take action to set yourself up as a top contender for the job of your choice.

One extremely important way to market yourself beyond referrals is a well written and polished resume. This document must reveal far more than your contact info and chronological work history. Rather, there must be creative and professional verbiage in place that defines who you are in your career field and what assets you have to offer a future company and team. Hiring managers need to see what it is that you bring to the table and what your track record looks like as far as accomplishment and dependability. The support of a friend is one piece to be considered but the cold hard facts of profits gained or lost due to your influence as an employee carries more weight to a potential employer. Your resume will shed light on these important areas and tell your story of where you’ve been and, therefore, where you are projected to go in future roles.

If this finds you struggling to make that transition from depending on the referral of a colleague to sitting firmly on a solid resume, then we are the next phone call that you need to make! Platinum Resumes has years of experience in taking mediocre resume attempts and creating a product that gains serious attention and interview potential from top companies. We would love to get started in the process of developing your career!