We all go to work each morning for different reasons. While we could categorize those different reasons across the board, we are all very individual in what motivates us. No two combinations are the same when it comes to understanding what it is exactly that we want from our work, what it is that drives us toward our personal definition of success. Of course, we all do it for the paycheck. But, shouldn’t there be more than just the money that keeps us going from day to day?


Some of us like to have a set of goals to accomplish. We want to feel as though we are contributing to something bigger and more important than ourselves. Others may have a personal mission that they want to see accomplished through their work. This type of workplace motivation is very inwardly focused. It takes a great deal of insight and discipline to set specific goals and see them surpassed day after day, year after year.


Others are motivated by the love that we have for the clients that we serve and the camaraderie that we find in our coworkers. Relationships and social interaction are a huge part of what our day looks like, a strong driving force in our daily motivation. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of activity and the challenge and diversity of a myriad of problems to solve.


Motivation is diverse, yet it is crucial for all of us. If we are not properly motivated in our work, then we are most likely lacking greatly when it comes to joy and satisfaction in our daily grind. Our work is nothing but a mindless set of tasks, a long to-do list with no heart for our craft. How miserable of a picture does that paint?!


If you are struggling today to find yourself satisfied and motivated in your work, then it’s time to make a change. Take a deep look at yourself and what you love and hate about your job. Carve out the time to do more of what you love and find a new approach to those parts of your job that you dread. Get intentional and creative about discovering what motivates you to do better work and get started with that new process right away. The future version of yourself will be abundantly thankful that you did!