Have you taken the time to get to know your neighbor at the cubicle next-door? Perhaps you are just settling in to a new company and still haven’t gotten to know any of your coworkers. Or, on the other hand, maybe you are years into your current job but have not yet connected with anyone on your team. However, knowing who you are working with can very much play to your advantage.

If there comes an opportunity for advancement within the company or a promotion elsewhere, it helps to know what sort of connections are available at your very fingertips. Fellow employees might be able to steer you in a helpful direction and speak on your behalf when the time is right. Also, when focusing on your current work environment, it helps to know what assets are sitting right there beside you day in and day out. Maybe those projects that have been depleting you of all your spare time could be more manageable if you worked cohesively with your neighbor. Maybe those deadlines that seem impossible to fulfill could be lessened and burdens lifted if you were able to collaborate more clearly with your teammates.

Oftentimes, we are so caught up in all of the drama that we carry around, both personally and professionally, that we miss out on what teamwork is all about, taking on clients and cases while utilizing talents to best help others and maximize profitable growth. We are sometimes asked to contribute in ways that don’t align with our talents and are assigned tasks and responsibilities that don’t come easily. And, although a good challenge is beneficial from time to time, it is also nice to redistribute your workload according to what is best and most efficient for the team as a whole. You are shorting the company and shorting yourself on time if there is a better way to do things that is being ignored.

So, by getting to know those that work closest to you, you are benefiting yourself in every aspect. At Platinum Resumes, we are all about helping you become the best version of yourself. Putting your strongest foot forward and chasing after jobs which are truly fulfilling, rather than just getting stuck or settling for less. We love to see clients who branch out into new fields or take the reins and pursue jobs that they were too scared to go after in the past.

Redefining yourself professionally is a huge part of building a successful career future. And it all starts with taking a closer look around yourself today, and making changes were necessary.