When you wake up each morning, do you often think about where you are going or where you have been? Many of us have barely opened our eyes before we are plagued with today’s dose of doubts and fears, bombarded with worry regarding what will or will not be accomplished. We often set ourselves toward lofty goals and beat ourselves up for falling short, that promotion that stays just out of reach or that potential transfer that never seems to align itself with the right circumstances at the right time.

When you have worked hard to achieve your title and career status, it is easy to focus only on the future, pressing forward to the next opportunity and the bigger office or paycheck to be obtained. However, when you look around at the friends and colleagues that you most admire and seek to be around, you often see people that seem to enjoy the adventure that every day brings because they are looking in all directions. Yes, they are focused on setting and attaining goals and achieving personal victories, but many people reach such success because they look back to consider where they have been and stay connected with those in the real world. They are fully present and aware of their surroundings, engaged in the day-to-day environment that defines who we are and where we want to go.

So, what does your morning view look like from the top of that ladder you have been climbing for so many years? Do you pause to look down at where you started, remembering who you were back then and considering the change that has unfolded over time? Or, do you stay intent on climbing further upward, afraid to avert your eyes for fear of faltering? When a hiring manager is reviewing candidates and looking to fill an important role in his or her company, character development and growth are always two important factors to be considered. Oftentimes these qualities are achieved by a full-circle approach to life and growth cannot be determined if you do not have a sense of where you have been and where you currently find yourself, an idea of all that has gone into creating you to be the ideal job candidate that you obviously are.

At Platinum Resumes, we recognize and appreciate a solid career path and acknowledge that every step up the ladder has taken hard work and dedication. We know that starting your morning off with a nice, long look around you will allow you to appreciate all that has gone into building the foundation of who you are and will aid in bringing clarity to what you want next!