The atmosphere at work is constantly evolving. It’s important to always be evolving personally in order to meet the needs of changing business. Here are 5 ways to be successful in the new decade.

  1. Brush up on your technical skills. Technical skills are more important than ever. If you can become an expert in Excel, PowerPoint, MS Teams, proprietary company software, and utilize these technical tools, you will set yourself apart and be able to implement tools and processes to improve your business.
  2. Be productive every minute you are at work. Track your time spent on tasks and find ways to become more productive. Can you save time by coming up with an automated way to complete a task, and become more productive? Can you reduce hour long meeting times by 15 minutes to add extra work time to your day? Find ways to be more productive.
  3. Collaborate with others. Everyone you meet knows something that you do not. Do your best to learn from others, elicit feedback, brainstorm new ideas, and do your best to work as a team. Studies have shown that team collaboration on projects can improve productivity by as much as 40%!
  4. Improve your communication. Speak openly with leadership about your ideas and ways to improve the business. Communicate openly about your pitfalls and obstacles, so that management can help you. Communication is truly key to being successful at work.
  5. Stop multitasking and focus on one thing at a time. Never half-do two things, focus your effort on completing a whole task to the best of your ability instead. Studies show that committing to a single task before moving on to your next project result in more successful projects overall. It becomes overwhelming and small tasks often get forgotten or deprioritized when you are focused on multiple tasks at once. Set aside time for each project, and meet your deadlines, so you can move on to the next task.

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