“Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive.” The words that bring us back. Back to the voices of cheering on the high school team on a Friday night. The call to fight harder and stronger against the opponent.


Let’s allow that chant to ring in our ears again today. Except this time, the opponent is not another team but the job market, and we are being called to fight harder and stronger in the face of the present opposition.


Due to election season and all of the corresponding events and stories that have slammed our country and job market this year, many companies have been holding off on hiring and spending in this final quarter. The opportunities for being hired in your field are not as plentiful as they once were, and you have to be much more aggressive in your pursuit.


So how should you go about getting your aggressive act together? A solid resume is the best place to start. There is no time to mess around with anything less than the best when it comes to submitting your work to a hiring manager. In order to rest assured that your resume will shine as a top contender rather than sink to the bottom, you need to make sure that you are representing yourself professionally and thoroughly.


Your resume should tell the hiring manger what type of an employee you have been and the promise that you hold today. You should highlight your greatest accomplishments while walking the fine line of not over or under representing yourself. This can sometimes be a difficult obstacle for those that aren’t comfortable writing resumes, and hiring a professional to help with this task is sometimes your best option.


Give Platinum Resumes a call today at 816.896.0909 and allow us to share more with you about all of the services that we have to offer those seeking to advance their careers. Whether it’s a resume you’re needing, a cover letter, or help preparing for an interview, our team of professionals can offer expert advice on the matter. Choose today to get serious about being more aggressive in your job search!