For those with a fresh degree, it is often intimidating to find your way out of the starting gate. You have the heart and the head knowledge, along with a splash of experience as an undergrad and intern. But, you find yourself wondering if your limited amount of experience is enough to land the job of your dreams. Is experience overrated or essential when it comes to your job search?


This is an important question to consider, and, as with anything, the answer will vary from company to company. There are some hiring managers that will not consider a candidate who does not have “X” amount of years of experience. However, there are many other companies that may hire someone who is lacking in experience yet possesses strong potential. These companies have found that pure will and determination will often outweigh experience when it comes to job performance.


So, if this finds you as a young professional who is hungry for a great job but stressed because you are under qualified, then don’t lose heart. The awesome job that you’ve got your eye on could be your “getting started” opportunity. Everyone deserves that chance to get your feet wet, to get your foot in the door of the company that you think is way out of your reach. Most all ambitious job candidates who are looking to land a new or higher level position will have to stretch themselves at some point, to overcome a job qualification that is lacking.


Platinum Resumes is here to help any such candidate to stretch themselves in such a way. Our experience has shown us, time and time again, that a young professional can take hold of personal confidence and a stellar resume to overcome a lack of experience. Our services allow a job seeker to lay all of their skills and professional experiences and highlights out on the table in order to pull all of that together and create a killer resume. You can leave your stress behind you and rest in the satisfaction of knowing that you are putting your career potential in good hands. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we’d love to help connect you with a brighter future!