Are You Using LinkedIn to its Full Potential?

Are you taking full advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer? LinkedIn is so much more than just another social networking website. It’s also not just for career seekers. It can be used to help you grow your career in so many ways. You can use it to attract recruiters, to meet likeminded people in your industry, to connect with former colleagues, to find potential business partners, to locate a mentor, to establish your personal brand, to gain notoriety, and so much more.

If you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential, you are seriously missing out on some great opportunities! Here are some features you can start using today to help you in your career!

LinkedIn Groups – You can either join an existing group or create a new one! This is a great way to connect with other likeminded professionals. You can share tips, tricks of the trade, develop a name for yourself, and so much more. This is a great way to connect, share, and learn from others.

LinkedIn Profile – Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you to current and future employers. Use your profile to build your personal brand and showcase your accomplishments.

LinkedIn Recommendations – You can ask for recommendations from those who know you well. These will be posted to your profile’s main page, and it will be viewable to recruiters and future employers. This is a great way to establish your reputation and gain public promoters.

LinkedIn can feel overwhelming to those who are new to it, and we are here to help! Contact us today, and we will help you create an effective profile that will build your personal brand!