Holiday Volunteer Work is not Just Good for the Community… It’s Good for your Career!

The holiday season is here, which is a time of year when we are often reminded of all the blessings we have, and are compelled to give to those less fortunate. It’s a time to give back to our communities: thanksgiving soup kitchens, food drives, adopt-a-family, build a bike, community projects, and so much more. While these are selfless acts, it can be more than just your opportunity to do something wonderful for your community—it can also help with your career.

Volunteering can help you with your job search and professional reputation. When you are out volunteering, you will make connections across the city. You never know who you could meet from city council members to lawyers to engineers… They will inevitably be able to provide contacts. In the workforce, it’s often who you know that can give you a foot in the door. Consider volunteering as a networking opportunity.

Volunteering also looks great on your resume. The skills you develop during volunteer work can often be applied to your career. It also shows that you are a conscientious and community-minded individual. It shows that you’re not selfish with your time and that you enjoy helping others. These are all great qualities that employers are seeking!

Volunteer work also helps you to reflect on your career goals. The different activities you work on can help you determine where your passions lie. Perhaps you would like to do more with your hands, or work for a smaller non-profit. It’s a great way for you to discover more about yourself and how you like to work. Do you prefer leading, working independently, or contributing to a team? What makes you feel inspired and fulfilled?

Keep these potential career benefits in mind as you consider volunteer work this holiday season! Not sure how to list volunteer work on your resume? We’re here to help. Contact us today at!