“I’ll do it tomorrow.” “Let’s just save it for later.” “I need to take care of this other stuff first.”


When it comes to excuses, we’ve all got a pretty good list going for ourselves. Although we aim to be proactive in our career development, we allow our resume to sit and collect dust. It becomes outdated and, therefore, unable to represent us well when we need it in a pinch.


The resume that you present to potential employers leaves a lasting impact. The words and the formatting that you choose make the difference between interviews and wastebaskets, call backs and radio silence. This is not an area of your job search that needs to lie dormant but needs consistent TLC, whether you are currently “looking” for a new job or not.


So, what’s the trick? How do you resurrect an ancient document and make it worthy of your dream job? There is no fanciful answer to reviving your resume. The key is hard work and creativity!


Platinum Resumes is proud to take ownership of both of these qualities. We put a great deal of hard work into our clients’ resumes and offer a creative touch unlike any of our competitors. Our team of writers has a wealth of experience in taking the bare bones of your plain and simple resume to a whole new level.


We guarantee results, and we are confident that our work on behalf of your sleepy, little resume will greatly pay off!