You know you’ve got someone who can plead your case, who can testify to the long hours that you’ve pulled at the office for a dozen years. There must be someone who has seen you at your best or taken note of how quickly you learned that new program last year. Throughout your career, you have been performing and others have been watching, so one question remains. How do you determine which of those observers will bring you greater advantage in your new job search?


Developing a solid list of references to accompany your resume is a very important task that some might underestimate. Sure, they know they need to jot a few names down, to take out their phone and look up a few quick phone numbers and email addresses for contact purposes. However, there are many out there who fail to see how impactful this portion of their representation can be when it comes to capturing the attention of a hiring manager.


There is a stronger connection between relationships and a potential dream job than many realize, and we, at Platinum Resumes, strive to bring that truth to our clients. We take feeble attempts at a basic list of references and spin it into something much more memorable. Grabbing the first three names that come to mind and their contact info will not do when it comes to vying for highly competitive jobs. You’ve got to dig deep and reconnect with those people in your career who have seen your strengths in motion and who can speak to your potential in a professional manner.


We have found that the creation of a unique References Dossier allows the potential employer a deeper knowledge of your connection to your former boss or coworker. You need to go beyond how long you have known him or her and speak directly to the capacity in which they know you best. Laying out the document in this way also allows the hiring manager to move through your application package more quickly because the facts are laid out clearly and sensibly. And, the quicker they can read through and see what a strong candidate you are on paper, the quicker they will snatch you up and take you through the next phase of interviewing.


For help with your references as well as any other resume-related need, contact Platinum Resumes at 816.986.0909. Our team of seasoned experts will provide you with an opportunity to take your job search to new heights!