With a wave of layoffs sweeping the country, many very talented individuals are being cut short of the careers they thought would last. Across a number of different industries, budgets are diminishing and jobs are disappearing. Where does this leave you?


Platinum Resumes recognizes the need for help in the midst of these tough and often unforeseen circumstances. Once laid off, you need a solid strategy for transition back into your specific career field. You need a plan for how to best market yourself to the right company in a way in which will set you apart from other candidates.


At Platinum Resumes, we offer a unique and highly sought after package of services to both the individual being laid off as well as an entire group of employees. We have the capacity to offer our expertise in the field of resume writing, cover letters, references dossiers, LinkedIn profiles, and even interview coaching. This is a very rare set of tools to find offered within a group setting, which is what makes our company such an excellent source of assistance for those being laid off!


If you are facing the reality of impending layoffs in your company, now is the time to develop a strategy of transition for your employees. Pick up the phone and visit with us at Platinum Resumes, and you’ll see that we are the real deal, the ideal solution for taking care of your valued employees and seeing them through this difficult change in the course of their careers. Stay tuned for the remainder of our blog series which will feature practical ways in which this strategy for transition can be accomplished!