Layoffs are currently sweeping the country, and many different types of industries are being affected by these cuts. Maybe you’ve just heard about it in the news, and it hasn’t really hit home with you yet. Or, alternatively, maybe a layoff has struck you in a very personal way – best friend, relative, or your very own company!


When this kind of news comes knocking at your door, it can be very easy to allow panic to slip in alongside it. Fear of the unknown is a very real thing, and it’s hard to keep at bay. However, if you or your loved ones intend to push through this difficult circumstance and continue toward a successful career, then you have to put intentional focus onto your next steps and shake off the fears and doubts.


This week on the blog, we want to focus specifically on the process of creating professional resumes for a group. Although we certainly always welcome individual clients and their resume needs, Platinum Resumes also offers a unique service to companies who are laying off their employees. We will take on your staff as a whole group and walk them individually through our resume writing process.


Each person will complete our career assessment process, and we will, of course, help with that as needed. We will explain to the group how our system works at Platinum Resumes and how we take the bare bones of your existing resume, pair that with your career assessment info, and create a unique and eloquent resume highlighting each individual’s specific talents and assets.


Furthermore, on top of our already reasonable prices, there are discounts available depending on the number of those in your group. To walk away with a professional quality resume that you can be proud of at a cost that doesn’t cause your heart to skip a beat is a deal that needs no further consideration! Call Platinum Resumes today at 816.986.0909 and allow us to come alongside those being laid off and bring promise to their seemingly dismal career outlook.