If you’re just joining us in our current blog series, we are covering the different angles of strategy to consider once you receive news of an impending layoff. There is a transition that must occur between one job and the next, and, if you choose to gain successful momentum in your career rather than come to a stagnant halt, then you should heed this advice for such a transition.


Whether your layoff came by surprise or has been on the horizon for some time, there are steps to be taken and a plan to be hatched for moving forward. Your resume should be dusted off and eloquently tweaked so that your strongest skills and assets are being clearly presented to those who read it. You do not want to just throw a little piece of this job and a little piece of that job together and hope it sounds somewhat professional. You should take the time, or hire someone else to take the time, to carefully choose words and a professional resume design that will impress hiring managers and propel you ahead of the pack.


That said, what step comes next? You’ve got the resume covered but are leery of what to do when the phone rings or the email notification chimes and an interview is scheduled. Maybe the resume was the easy part for you. The haunting memories of your last attempt at a job interview leave you with a quickened pulse and sweaty palms. You recognize that this part of the process is not your strong suit!


You’re good, though…because we’ve got you covered. Among our different services utilized at Platinum Resumes in helping our clients successfully find their dream jobs is our interview coaching. We work with our clients to prepare them for the tough questions and how to better understand and articulate their personal brand. Many of our former clients have found this particular service to be very beneficial to their job search.


Specifically related to this current series is our option for interview coaching in a group setting. Platinum Resumes is proud to stand out among other companies within our field by the way in which we are able to cater to the larger group when it comes to layoffs. We do not restrict this service to just a one-on-one but can maintain an interview coaching session with a group. This can really benefit those companies that are trying to take adequate care of their employees throughout this transitional process. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 and find out how you can get assistance with interview coaching for yourself or your group!