Let’s be honest. Being laid off is not a great feeling. There are not often positive emotions that follow such news, and it’s normal to need some space to vent. However, despite the strong temptation to unload your frustrations through your fingertips, social media is not the appropriate platform for showcasing your thoughts on the matter.


As we conclude our current blog series on Strategy for Transition Once Laid Off, we want to focus on your social media image. Remaining professional when it comes to social media is an important part of bouncing back and presenting yourself as a strong job candidate. Your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are often the snapshot that your potential hiring manager will see long before they have decided whether or not they want to meet you face-to-face. That said, it is necessary to appear confident and ready for what’s next. Despite the jaded perspective that you may still be carrying after having been laid off, you can’t throw your angst and bitterness all over your Facebook wall.


When it comes to strengthening your professional image through your LinkedIn profile, look no further than Platinum Resumes as the giver of that strength. Our company is proud to represent each of our clients in a very professional and eloquent manner, taking care to use strong words to provide powerful details that will capture attention. In addition to working on resumes and cover letters for our clients, another specialty is that of LinkedIn profiles.


The object of the hiring game is to entice the potential employer to take your profile very seriously and seek to know more about this stellar job candidate. We guarantee results for our clients because our work has proven to be helpful and effective. Allowing us to help recreate your social image through your LinkedIn platform will put you at a different level than most other candidates, soaring to the top of the stack of resumes rather than being filed directly into the category of disinterest.


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