As you embark on this new year and the new job you hope to be interviewing for, there is a deep need to be set apart as a unique job candidate. You are no longer interested in settling for second best or offering your last ditch efforts in regards to building a resume and cover letter. If you wish to stand out among the competition, then you have to create an edge by developing customized documents that reveal your stellar character and define your strengths and accomplishments.

A standout cover letter helps set the mood for exactly what caliber of a job candidate you are, capturing your values as an employee and spelling out your skill set in an abbreviated fashion. After all, this is often the first piece of documentation that the hiring manager will see, so you want to whet their appetite toward learning more about you as a potential employee. You do not want to steal the thunder from the resume itself but put enough information out there to entice he or she to want to know more about you.

The key to creating a cover letter that truly stands out is to utilize a layout that is unlike the sleepy blocks of text that you typically see. At Platinum Resumes, we go beyond the standard look of most cover letters and develop a work of art that offers a descriptive yet concise representation of who you are as a potential employee. We know that a creative and customized approach to your job search efforts will give you the upper hand as you walk through the application process, and that you will be more likely to be called in for an interview if you have taken the time to provide custom work that reveals you to be an individual who is worth considering.

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