Do you ever wonder what it’s like on the other side of the desk? As you’re stumbling over your words and thinking through what the interview should look like, would you believe that the other person might be feeling just as awkward? The job recruiters that we typically classify as being cool, calm and collected as they steer through the process of determining our futures may not always be as put together as it seems.


Despite its charms, being “the guy” or “the gal” in charge is not always easy. The individual navigating through the job search process on the other end of the spectrum is just as human as the job candidate. There are nerves involved, unanswered questions twirling around inside, and the need to please. A hiring manager may deliberate about what to wear on interview day for just as long as the interviewee. As we get all worked up and worried, these are details that we fail to see.


As you attempt to make small talk before your interview or debate about how to word your emails so that you are both professional and personal, just keep in mind that you aren’t alone. Maybe it will relieve some pressure to recognize that you are working with a living, breathing person who experiences bad hair days and memory lapses just like you. Someone who gets nervous just like you do and sometimes needs to pause for a moment to get the words out in just the right way. Cut yourself some slack on your job search and remember that imperfect days are had by all!