Ready or not, here it comes. ‘Tis the season for Christmas parties! You have exchanged names with friends and coworkers and are preparing the assigned tokens of merriment to bring with you to the festivities.


Maybe this comes as glorious news for some of you who have been piecing together the right outfit for weeks and dream of holiday snacks and finger foods. Others, however, might be less than thrilled to extend their holiday cheer to anyone other than their recliner after a long day’s work.


Regardless of your level of joy when walking into your next holiday party, keep in mind that you can mix a little business with pleasure. Parties are for fun and relaxing, but there is great potential for networking in the midst of it all.


Whether it is digging deeper within your current network of colleagues or reaching out to new circles, parties are the perfect place to chat it up and strengthen your ties and connections for possible career moves. Many times we look back to that random conversation with so-and-so years back that led us to the potential open door before us today.


Such conversations could be awaiting you at your next Christmas party, so put on your friendliest and most outgoing face and make things happen. One day you may find yourself searching for a new job, and networking is a huge part of preparing yourself for that journey!