Are you happy with your work? Passionate about what you do? We all have bad days, but maybe you’re having trouble differentiating between a bad day and a dead end.


Sadly, a large number of individuals are less than satisfied with their careers. They get into a rut of complacency and can’t seem to find their way out of it. Sometimes this season lasts for a few weeks or months before change is made, but with others it takes years to realize that something needs to be done. What was once exciting is now mundane.


So, what’s the solution to this predicament, you ask? Is it possible to find joy in what has become merely tolerable? There are some who need to take some time to reflect upon the fact that they are in the wrong career altogether. But, for others, it is not a matter of a poor career choice but of the need to power through the dry season to reach the heights of fruitfulness and productivity.


The call to suffer through the mundane reaches out to all of us. Even if we have an insatiable zeal for our work, it can sometimes bring boring days. This is why we have to stay focused on what we do and why we do it. If things are getting boring and your work and/or your attitude is suffering, then an evaluation needs to be made. Either you need to tweak your day-to-day tasks in order to gain a fresh perspective, or you need to revisit your long-term goals. For many, there is an ultimate purpose that we are reaching to achieve, and the mundane stage is just a part of the process.


If you find yourself reaching toward that ultimate goal in your career, then keep heart. The mundane stage is just that, a stage. It will pass, and you will, once again, find fun and freedom in your work. Keep setting time aside here and there to reevaluate yourself and your career in order to keep things on track and ensure a future you will enjoy!