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Choose Resume Words to Attract the Hiring Manager

Imagine a hiring manager with a long day ahead. He or she desperately needs to fill the open position in the company but wants to find the right person for the job. There are piles of resumes on the desk. And not enough time to give each document his or her attention. Therefore, the manager must resort to sifting more rapidly through the resumes, stopping only when a particular word, phrase or style catches their attention. How do you guarantee that your resume will be an attention-grabber?  The one that causes the hiring manager to pause and consider you, your talents, your reputation, and your potential as a company employee. Get professional help for your resume and choose the words that will attract the hiring manager! We’re seasoned at helping our clients do just that! We have studied and researched how [...]

Choose Resume Words to Attract the Hiring Manager2023-03-06T10:19:26-06:00

Consider Your Resume References and Expect to be Considered!

Your resume has been saved. The cover letter is complete. Now, all that stands between you and your finished application is your list of references.  Easy. This part should take a few minutes, right?  After all, you’ve known good ole Stan (or Dan or Jan) for decades.  Stan and the gang are your go-to references for everything in your job search. He uses a nice letterhead and will promptly reply to an email or phone call. But stop for a minute.  What has Stan said or done in the past to help you land your ideal job?  What has the reference of a former supervisor or coworker done to set you apart from the other hopeful candidates? Chances are that you have never really put that much effort into such questions.  Many have never paused to question the value of solid [...]

Consider Your Resume References and Expect to be Considered!2023-03-06T10:03:13-06:00

Don’t Settle in Your Job Search, You Are More Qualified Than You Think!

Do you find yourself ready to give up on the job search? Are you ready to settle for the job that is your last choice? Don’t lose heart! You have worked too hard to get this far, and you owe it to yourself to keep fighting for the job you want, the job you deserve. In her article, “You Are More Qualified Than You Think!” LinkedIn writer Liz Ryan shares her personal experience with job descriptions, proper qualifications, and why, in the end, it doesn’t matter. Don't settle in your job search, and don't drink the lemonade! Ryan writes, “In the business, we drink a lot of toxic lemonade. We hear a lot of things that are not true, and we start to believe them. We think we can't apply for a job unless we have all the qualifications and Essential [...]

Don’t Settle in Your Job Search, You Are More Qualified Than You Think!2023-03-02T12:28:52-06:00

Are you guilty of Cover Letter Neglect?

Have you ever zipped quickly through a stack of books, ditching the ones that didn’t seem appealing?  Or perused the bookshelf looking specifically for words or titles that jumped out to you?  Judging a book by its cover.  It’s the token “no-no” that we are all taught while growing up, yet how many times daily do we do just that?  Whether it’s a literal book or a surface glance toward whatever we think about, we are all guilty of falling for first impressions.  An employer seeking out a new employee is no different.  Stacks of paper cluttering his or her desk, little time to get the necessary work done, and a ton of applicants waiting to be considered.  Whether you want to admit it or not, you, as the job seeker, will be quickly judged and must stand out in the [...]

Are you guilty of Cover Letter Neglect?2023-02-08T09:46:54-06:00

Job Interview Tips to Increase Your Confidence

Want that next job? Get the job interview tips that will increase your confidence and prepare you “Interview invitations should come with a warning: Strong feelings of excitement changing suddenly into dread are imminent upon receiving this invitation.” This statement, made by Lily Zhang, is the summation of the feelings many have journeyed through in the job search process.  You spend weeks searching and hoping to get a call or some semblance of interest from the jobs you have applied for, but when that phone call finally comes, you suddenly find yourself with knots in your stomach.  Wait…now they are interested.  What’s next?  Now it is time to prepare for the interview and prove that you are the best candidate for this job.  Several questions are commonly asked in interviews that often leave the interviewee stumped if he or she has [...]

Job Interview Tips to Increase Your Confidence2023-01-05T17:12:24-06:00

Get help from a Resume Writer

What help from Resume Writer do I need? Founded in 2010, Platinum Resumes serves the Greater Kansas City area and clients nationwide. From our name, you likely assume we provide exceptional resumes, but that is just the beginning. Get help from a resume writer and other services we provide our clients. A Resume that Results in Interviews While we do many things well in this ever-evolving job search landscape, the resume remains the foundation. We are Certified Professional Resume Writers, and perhaps more importantly, we have created thousands of documents that optimally capture the true brand of our clients. It is much deeper than a flowery-worded list of all the places you don't work anymore. It is a marketing piece for which you are the product; highlighting your skills, achievements, values, and character. We first seek to know you, what you [...]

Get help from a Resume Writer2023-01-05T16:59:41-06:00

Overcoming Common Resume Struggles

Common Resume Struggles and How to Overcome them Writing a great resume under ideal career history conditions (several consecutive, gap-free, lengthy spans of employment which match well with what you are applying for) is challenging enough. It becomes even more difficult when you are up against one or more additional challenges, so I thought I'd address a few and offer some insights. ------------- I'm just out of school and have no real experience; how can I create a professional resume? We write for lots of college students seeking employment and internships. Begin with short paragraphs detailing your value, skill sets, and achievements. Include a list of 9-12 core skills you feel you possess which apply to what you may be applying for. Be sure to capture your degree, majors, and minors--something like this: Bachelor of Science - Business Administration, TRUMAN STATE [...]

Overcoming Common Resume Struggles2023-01-03T13:47:58-06:00

Creating a Powerful Sales Resume

Creating a Sales Resume- Three Important Tips No single approach to resume writing fits all industries. A decision maker for a financial position is looking for vastly different content than what is sought for a marketing, legal, or sales opportunity. Platinum Resumes specializes in that latter category, as sales professionals often seek better compensation and are highly competitive--making a professionally written resume a vital tool for success. Here are a few tips we employ and suggest when creating a sales resume: Numbers are key! An employer wants to know quantitatively what you have done for other companies. Dollar amounts sold, percentage of quotas, percentage change year to year, the performance of teams you have led, the specific success of a campaign, etc. Remember to include ways you have SAVED the company money or resources, as these can also be powerful figures. [...]

Creating a Powerful Sales Resume2023-01-03T14:18:57-06:00

Tips to Help Nail the Interview

Six Tips to help Nail the Interview When it comes to advancing the careers of our clients, we like to go beyond providing a top-notch resume and cover letter.  We have spent a great deal of time talking with people in various industries and naturally pay attention to trends and tips in the professional world.  Today I’d like to touch on a few thoughts regarding the step after our resume gets you in the door at your ideal employer—the interview. Be on time and dress professionally.  This seems like a no-brainer, but I hear stories of these being neglected at all levels.  Give yourself adequate time to find where you need to be, and be sure to have the phone number of someone there in case you get lost.   When it comes to clothes, a shirt and tie are a minimum.  [...]

Tips to Help Nail the Interview2023-01-03T13:39:10-06:00

Interview Attire: Your ONLY Chance at a First Impression

Regardless if you have been the one who’s waited until the night before to throw something together or have already been thinking through your outfit for a week prior, the decision still awaits you. What to wear? It’s a question we all ask ourselves every day and every occasion. But, a question that carries a lot of weight when preparing for a job interview. Knowing what to wear is half the battle of the interview itself. Whether or not you look professional or sloppy could play a huge role in determining if the hiring manager sees you as suitable for the position at hand. Why take a chance at ruining your only first impression? Why look anything but your professional best? Platinum Resumes is here to offer our services in preparing you for your dream job in many ways.  We can [...]

Interview Attire: Your ONLY Chance at a First Impression2023-01-03T13:23:53-06:00