Is it spring already?! When the winter seems to be dragging on and on, there is an insatiable thirst for a change in seasons. Something new to break the repetitive cycle that seems endless, with clouds hanging overhead and a gloominess that seems to invade not only our lives but the lives of those around us. Maybe you’ve noticed that your coworker is just not his or her cheery self. Maybe your loved ones are extra irritable and obviously weary of being cooped up for long hours with an itch to get out and resume activities that they so enjoy.

The desire to see signs of spring and a reprieve from dreary weather is much like the ache that many of us feel in our professional realm. We long for something new, something different. In short, we need change!

For some, that change might look like altering your work hours, switching to the day shift and leaving those long nights and irregular sleep patterns behind. For others, change might look like making an internal shift within your company to a new department or a different team, resulting in learning a new program or transitioning to a leadership role. Sometimes these seasons of change are anticipated and sometimes they come without notice. And, despite the fear that might be connected to breaking loose and approaching something new, there is often great satisfaction and reward found in the new challenge that awaits.

So, today, if you are peeking out of your office and contemplating the adventure that looms ahead of you, we encourage you to proceed with confidence and embrace the opportunity to advance your skills and learn something new. Whether it’s a minimal change or a huge career move, our team of experts would love to help you in making this time of transition a great success! Call us today at 816.986.0909 to learn more about all of the career services that we can offer you in this season of growth.