Do you struggle with being overqualified for the job at hand? Perhaps you have a track record of multiple jobs with a diversity of experience, and you’re not sure quite where to draw the line in representing your exhaustive skill set. There are those that fight the issue of having too little to share and those with too much, and it takes a finesse to craft a resume that best defines your aptitude while remaining direct and concise.

When you are applying for a job, you want to target the desired qualifications as much as possible. In short, you should extract the parts of your story that speak most directly to the job description that has been provided for this potential role. For example, you may have a unique gift and years of experience in blowing glass or sculpting. However, in your application for a job as Computer Engineer, those artistic qualities must be kept to a bare minimum when it comes to resume and cover letter real estate. Although there are attributes such as patience and attention to detail that enhance the work of both an artist and an engineer, the hiring manager that is pouring over your application will likely have little interest in your art degree and portfolio.

Representing your diversity is an important aspect to keep in mind when developing your brand and marketing yourself in the midst of swarming competitors. Your resume needs to be uniquely set apart so that it rests at the top of the stack of consideration rather than falling to the bottom. The team of qualified writers at Platinum Resumes has a polished way in which to assess a client with a host of different strengths and experiences and develop a streamlined document. We take your diversified past and create a targeted approach to your future career.

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