Do you ever step back to consider the range of your potential network? Do you feel stuck in a certain career field or a particular city without an outlet for growth or change? Many of us feel tied down to our jobs or potential jobs because we lack the resources necessary to move on. We feel as though we don’t know enough people to get our foot in the door of any other company. Perhaps we just sit back and watch how effortlessly our colleagues approach new opportunities and wish that we could have a similar experience.

Oftentimes we get hyperfocused on our current or future circumstances and forget to consider the links and connections that we have solidified in the past. There could be old friends or coworkers that have not crossed our mind in years yet hold a strong tie to new opportunities. Social media has proven to be a helpful tool in reconnecting distant relationships for the purpose of developing a professional network. Maybe you have recently found that you know someone who once worked at the company of your choice. Or maybe it just dawned on you that your old classmate has a friend of a friend in a similar field.

When we simply reconnect with the people in our broad reach of networking, it is amazing what results can come from those conversations. So, if you have been anxious to transition to a new career or move to a new city, perhaps the missing piece to ease your concerns can be found in merely assessing your relationships. Comb through your emails to find those archived contacts. Scroll through your social media platforms to refresh yourself on those less familiar names and faces that might lead to potential opportunities.

Your future career will thank you for reaching out!