Sometimes a change in seasons is just what you need to remain interested and invested in your career of choice. Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit or step away for a long overdue vacation to refresh and renew your perspective and stay focused on your craft. Just as in the world around us, seasons come and go within our professional realm, and we are left with the decision of embracing the change well or allowing it to get us rattled and bent out of shape.

Accepting change is not the ‘easy button’ option for most people. Even for those few that claim to welcome change and thrive in the midst of it, there are still a few moments of shock and adjustment. We get comfortable with routine and grow to anticipate what is next so that we can prepare accordingly. Therefore, when change comes, we are thrown off of our game, left searching for the right response that will benefit our future and integrity. We want to handle ourselves in such a way that encourages those around us and strategically positions us for the sudden bends in the road.

Today, if you are facing challenges in your job, know that you are not alone. There are countless growing pains that we must all work through when we are refining our talent and advancing our particular company or division. As a CEO, you have to make difficult decisions and sit through uncomfortable meetings as your committee implements necessary change. As a teacher, you have to sit back and watch your students advance to the next level after you have poured much time and energy into them only to welcome the next class and begin your work anew. ‘New’ is sometimes difficult, but it is often followed by growth and success.

So as change ebbs and flows throughout your day-to-day, find ways to strengthen yourself in the midst of the unfamiliar. Put yourself out there in ways that you might not have done so before, initiating intentional conversations or learning new tasks that were not available to you until now. Change can beat you down or cause you to step into a new light with renewed zeal for the work that you love. So, rather than shirking back and refusing to embrace what is now before you, walk forward with a confidence that is determined to make the best out of the pending changes in your job.