Being forced to lay off hardworking employees isn’t something that anyone enjoys having to do. When circumstances arise and choices are limited, there are sometimes very few options left to explore. And, whether you see it coming a mile away or are completely blindsided, the idea of losing your job without a plan B can be very detrimental to your confidence and motivation in moving forward.

It is for this reason that many employers have begun to reach out to secure career services for the employees that are being laid off, allowing these individuals the opportunity to advance their careers without the major backsliding and series of emotional stumbling blocks that often accompany the loss of a job. With companies such as Platinum Resumes, you, as an employer, are able to make the most of the upcoming series of layoffs by utilizing a tool that will strengthen the future of these outbound professionals that are headed in a new direction. Platinum Resumes will assist your employees in creating a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more.

We enjoy working with companies around Kansas City and beyond and offer discounted group rates that we would be happy to speak with you about in detail! The decision to hire someone to care for the future of these former employees reveals a lot about your leadership and your company overall, revealing to existing employees and customers that you have genuine care and regard for the individuals and families who have been affected by company decisions.

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