When you wake up and ready yourself for the day ahead, are you anxious to get started or full of dread? Do you enjoy the company that you keep when at the office or do you join your coworkers in shooting daggers at one another with icy gazes? The workplace in which we inhabit for the greater part of the week can become a warm and inviting space to invoke creativity and growth, or it can become a pit of frustration.

If you choose to take action and pursue a working environment that is like a home away from home for you, then there are a few key factors that must be considered. We oftentimes have to take the initial steps toward progress and change if we want to see that same growth in others. Therefore, if you desire a team that respects one another and seeks to get to know each other outside of project assignments and deadlines, then you have to set the bar for such comradery. This requires you to sit back and think about what that warmer atmosphere needs to look like on a practical level, building in time for conversation in weekly meetings or organizing monthly or quarterly lunch gatherings or dinners outside of the office. The expectation is not necessarily to develop a circle of BFFs but merely to build a circle of trust and sincerity, a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself without ridicule.

In addition to developing comradery within your office, there must also be a channel to achieve goals and feel the weight of your contribution if you wish to truly feel ‘at home’ in your career. Taking on the same tasks, day after day, can be done with eager anticipation or with monotonous drudgery, and those who enjoy their careers often adhere to the eager mindset. You will find fulfillment in a job that taps into your talent and ambition while providing challenges that cause you to think deeper and reach harder to achieve goals, and, over time, it will likely be the thrill and joy of the work itself which becomes the key factor in making that certain room or hallway or conference table feel like your home away from home.

The challenge awaits those of you who know what needs to be done to better enjoy your workplace experience. There is no time to waste in redirecting your days and seeking a higher quality of productivity and efficiency. For those that feel like this challenge is beyond achievement due to a continual aggravation with and emptiness in your job itself, reflection upon this topic could reveal that it’s time for a career change. If you need assistance with evaluating your readiness for a potential job hunt, our team of qualified career experts can help you to establish a strong and professional brand that will highlight your aptitude and create a solid presentation for potential hiring managers. Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 for more information!