Do you ever wonder who really has your back? Which individuals would really stand up to fight for you if the situation presented itself? Many professionals have plenty of friends and colleagues who claim to support them and venture to offer encouragement in life’s many adventures, but there are typically only a few of those with wholehearted intent.

We build many different types of relationships with many different types of people throughout the years, but there are usually only a handful that stand out when thinking of someone who has genuinely invested in our career development. When it comes to preparing for a successful job search and developing a solid list of references, you want to go with the cream of the crop. A sharp and polished references dossier is made complete when comprised of the key individuals who can speak to work ethic and specific accomplishments throughout your tenure, those who have witnessed remarkable gain and can willingly articulate your aptitude to potential hiring managers.

At Platinum Resumes, we seek to help each of our clients in determining just which colleagues and supervisors would make the best references. You must consider the capacity in which each of these potential references knows you and your talents, and you want a wide range of collective knowledge of the many traits that you bring to the table. Although it is sometimes tricky to whittle down an entire career’s worth of contacts and coworkers, putting the right people in your corner is imperative to securing that potential dream job that you are so wanting to call your own.

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