So, hindsight is 20/20, right? We rarely have the perfect words at the opportune time, and we freeze in the middle of tough conversations and feel a total loss for words. Yet, later that day as we’re replaying the scenario a hundred times over in our mind, we can think of a dozen different comebacks that would have been ideal. Losing confidence and courage in an important moment is very frustrating.

What happens when one of those frustrating moments occurs right in the middle of an important job interview? You’re already sweating bullets and second guessing your outfit. The commute took longer than you anticipated, and you’ve got less time to collect yourself than you thought you would have before they call your name to go back into “the room”. With so much left to chance when it comes to your interview day, you need to step out and take full control of that which is within your grasp. Rediscovering your confidence will make a world of difference when it comes to preparing for your interview and having the right words at the right time.

As we discussed last week, there are so many pieces to a job interview that are believed to be off limits to the candidate. Many people mistakenly believe that, since they’re not calling the shots, they have little power in the interview. However, truth be told, the job candidate being interviewed has the opportunity to either sink or sail the ship. There is no way to know exactly which questions are going to be asked, but statistics show which questions are most popular and allow the interviewee to anticipate a great deal of what is going to be discussed so that they can practice at home for weeks prior.

Preparing ahead of time is a great way to set yourself above the bar when it comes to other candidates being considered. Instead of winging it, you can find a friend or colleague and practice responding well to each potential question. We all know that some questions are easy to answer and some are tricky. However, when your nerves are on edge and anxiety is in the mix, you can sometimes get tripped up on the most simplistic of questions. This is where your confidence level really comes into play.

In order to stay focused when you are in the hot seat, you need to be assured of the high caliber of talent and experience that you bring to the table. If you have the right words but lack the courage and character to stand behind those words, then you will most likely fall short of conquering the interview. A hiring manager is not looking for a timid and half-hearted person to do the job.


Sure, they want someone smart who will perform well and be profitable for the company. But, more than that, an employer wants to find a job candidate who does not buckle under pressure and who believes in themselves even when few others do. That kind of confidence is what will set you apart from your peers. Confidence equals underlying courage, and it separates the men from the boys when it comes to nailing the crucial parts of the interview.