So, you’re counting down the days until your big interview! You look the part for the job and have pieced together the most professional choice of attire. You have practiced and reviewed the most frequently asked interview questions and have rehearsed them while maintaining eye contact. By the standards of many, you are perfectly ready to go. However, if you desire to stand out in a big way and become the hiring manager’s top choice, you have to push yourself to the next level. 


As we have discussed previously in this series, you have to maintain a solid confidence and keep your edge when it comes to steering your interview in the right direction. Your answers to questions asked of you must not be rushed but, alternatively, must not be drug out for too long. You need to speak concisely, however, you don’t need to cut any corners in the process. 


By providing specific examples of your prior work as an indispensable employee, you are showing your potential employer the loyalty that you bring to your job as well as the results yielded by your actions. The hiring manager needs to clearly see what a valuable asset you were to your previous company, and this can’t be achieved without specific details surrounding your actions. True, some such statistics will find their way onto your cover letter and resume, but you need to expound on those examples and provide other ones, too. 


Maybe it was that work that you did on the big marketing project last fall that yielded a record profit while cutting back on the necessary hours of overtime. Or, maybe it was your idea to partner with that global powerhouse two years ago that caused your previous company to triple their clientele and become a leader in its field. By spelling out the specific actions that you took on behalf of your team and your company, you can help the hiring manager see how driven you are toward effective results. 


A company who is looking to fill a new position wants to hire someone who they can’t live without. They want someone who is wise and dependable, but, beyond that, they want someone who is simply indispensable. Going into your interview, you know that you are that person, but you’ve got to find the words and confidence to prove that truth to the hiring team. By abiding by this plan, your next interview will yield greater results than you thought possible!