Has it been eons since you last opened up your resume to take a peek at it? Some of us have forgotten about our resumes because we have been satisfied in the same job for years now. Others have chosen to forget about it because it is so outdated and too painful to even look at.


In our ever changing job market, it is important to have your resume ready to go at all times. Your company might experience some unexpected downsizing, or there may be a potential job opportunity that falls into your lap. Whenever that time arrives, you need to be caught prepared rather than scrambling to throw something together for a quick application.


By putting your old resume to rest and starting fresh, you are taking the bare bones that helped to jumpstart your career and adding in the most recent accomplishments that have sharpened your skill set. Platinum Resumes specializes in working with job seekers who have little to show for an existing resume and need a fresh start with their career direction and potential. A powerful and polished resume adds a lot to your personal brand and greatly enhances the possibility of call backs and interviews.


We work with our clients by taking their existing resume and using it to learn more about where you have been, as a student, an executive, and so forth. Then, by asking our clients a long list of pertinent questions, we are able to build a brand new resume based on the old information while incorporating the new. Our talented team of writers has developed quite the knack of using key words to define job skills and convey just how valuable of an employee you would be to the company at hand.


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