You know those two things that just go together? One just wouldn’t be as amazing without the other accompanying it…. Batman and Robin. Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Coffee and a 5am alarm clock. There is one more perfect combination that you can add to that list: Platinum Resumes and YOU!


If you feel like your resume is holding you back when it comes to your struggling job search efforts, then we need to get that piece taken care of for you. However, your resume can’t carry you every step of the way. If you want to land the job of your dreams and rise above the serious competition that stands between you and that dream, then you have to bring your drive and ingenuity to the table, as well.


At Platinum Resumes, we are here to service the career needs of our client. We will take your existing resume and reinvent it by adding our custom design and expert eye for detail. We will help with drafting an original and powerful cover letter, as well as assist with compiling your references in a unique way. But, beyond our typical services, we also work with each client by coaching them in their preparation efforts for interviews.


Whether you are seeking an entry-level position or vying for the title of the next CEO of a major company, our experience mixed with your ingenuity will create a force to be reckoned with! We will do our part to get you in the door and pique the interest of the hiring manager. Then, it will be up to you to prove yourself to be the driven and innovative employee that will be the perfect addition to the team at hand.


Give us a call today at 816.986.0909, and we would love the opportunity to get to know you and hear about your job search needs. We can guarantee that working with our company will have a lasting impact on your career!