Success can be defined differently to different people. It’s a personal definition, but there are habits that all successful people follow.  Success is not a destination; it’s a journey. These habits that can help you along your journey to success:

Be purposeful

Do not waste time on things that do not help you achieve your goals or be successful. Start every day with a purpose or intention. If an activity or thought isn’t in line with your purpose, learn to let it go. Go after your purpose. It’s not enough to set an intention—you have to actively try to achieve your goals every day.

Learn from mistakes

All successful people have made mistakes and experienced failure. The best way to learn is by objectively looking back on your failures and gain wisdom from them. Think about what you would do different next time, and how you can avoid future pitfalls.

Establish a routine

We all have the same 24-hours, but how do some people seem to accomplish so much in a day? They have a routine, and they stick to it. Plan to wake up early and dedicate time to your goals. Figure out when you are most productive, if you’re a morning person, or if you do your best work after hours, and save your most important work for when you are most alert.

Don’t be afraid of risks

All successful people take risks of some kind. Learn to accept uncertainty and be confident enough in your abilities to bet on yourself. Calculated risks will give you the opportunity to achieve true success.

Believe in yourself

You should be your best motivator, your best coach, and your best supporter. No one should be more involved in your success than you. Let go of all doubts, all insecurities, and believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and move out of your own way.