How Far Back Should a Resume Go?

Contrary to what you may guess, including every single position you’ve ever held on your resume, could actually work against you. Many people use a chronological approach to writing their resume, with pages of experience and achievements going all the way back to their experience as a part-timer working in high school. This often makes the resume far too long, making the applicant appear indecisive or lacking direction.

How far back is too far back?

So, how far back should a resume go? Generally speaking, your resume should include the past 10-15 years of experience. However, our professional resume writers will help tailor your resume according to the position you are applying for. In some cases, you may want to include an older position if it directly correlates to the position to which you’re applying.

Generally, the most recent experience will be the most relevant, so you should prioritize those positions and achievements. Also, the standard chronological approach may not be the best way to market yourself, depending on your previous history and experience. Our certified resume writers at Platinum Resumes will help you find the perfect format to showcase your unique work history. Contact our resume writing professionals or call 816-986-0909 for support with your resume.