Four Things You Should Never to do in an Interview

We spend a lot of time talking about things we should be doing in an interview like show up on time, bring a resume, dress the part, etc. but what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. Let’s talk about some things you should never do in an interview.

Never Say Something Bad About Your Current Boss

Never complain about your current leadership, no matter how much you dislike them. If you badmouth your current boss, it will only reflect poorly on you. This is a major red flag for the interviewer because it makes you look negative, judgmental, and immature.

Never Lie About Your Work History 

Employers often fact check your resume and work history. If you lie about your work history and experience, you will only be hurting yourself. If you are limited on experience, that’s okay to admit. It’s better to admit you don’t know something than it is to be caught in a lie. Plus, what if you were hired based on experience you didn’t actually have, and you didn’t meet expectations in the role based on the falsehood?

Never Use Slang or Curse Words 

Your professionalism should be at its highest point during an interview. Don’t try to be likable or relatable by cursing or using slan words in an interview. The hiring manager isn’t hiring a buddy; they are looking for someone who can represent their business well.

Never Show Up Unprepared

Make sure when you show up you have extra copies of your resume, a notepad to take notes, a pen, etc. Do your research beforehand, prepare, and show that you are capable, organized, and responsible.