One of the most common interview question is, “Tell me about yourself.”

Open-ended questions like this often trip people up. They are designed to–it’s a somewhat ambiguous question, and it’s hard to understand what the interviewer is really asking. Don’t find yourself ill-prepared in an interview. Use this question as an opportunity to outshine the rest.

Plan to be asked the question. Brainstorm how to answer before your interview.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is unique about my life that qualifies me for this position?
  • Why am I interested in this role?
  • Are my passions & interests in alignment with this position?
  • How do my hobbies & community involvement relate to this role?
  • Is there anything about my education or previous career experience that would help me excel in this position?
  • Are the company’s values and vision in alignment with my own?

Keep in mind that this question can set the tone for the rest of the interview, since it’s typically one of the first questions asked. So, make sure to be positive and enthusiastic in your response.

Don’t discuss your age, family history, martial status, political or religious views (unless they are directly related to the position, like you are a Catholic applying for a Catholic radio host position). Don’t bring up sensitive topics that should not be factors for the employer in determining your ability to perform the job.

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