Many meetings are happening virtually right now with corona virus safety being top of mind. For some people, virtual meetings are a brand new experience. For those who are new to these kind of meetings, here are some tips to host a successful virtual meeting.

Keep the audience small.

Make sure the attendee list only includes key stakeholders, or those with a vested interest in the call. The more people who are in a virtual meeting, the more potential for issues to occur. Keep the attendee list to necessary participants only.

If you’re on video, make sure to maintain a professional appearance.

First, host a practice meeting, so you can test out your video and ensure that your camera is working, so there are no hiccups during the actual meeting. Then, pay attention to your backdrop—what’s behind you. Make sure that nothing personal or unprofessional is in the background of the camera. Make sure to maintain eye contact with the camera when you are on video and avoid any distractions. You should also appear well kept and put together.

Stay organized and on track.

Make sure to outline an agenda prior to the virtual meeting and make sure to stay on track. As a leader, it’s your job to ensure the goals of the meeting are accomplished. Do not allow participants in the meeting to take you down a rabbit hole or get off topic. Maintain control of the meeting.

Record the meeting.

One great benefit of a virtual meeting is the ability to easily record the session. When applicable, make sure to record the session and make it available after the call. This will help those who missed the call, or who would like to review certain items from the call. Plus, you can review and critique yourself as a leader after the call.

Follow-up after the meeting.

Send meeting notes, action items, and any documents directly after the call. Always offer to answer any questions that come up after the call as well. You can also ask for feedback to improve future calls.