Many stay-at-home orders are coming to an end, and non-essential workers are ramping up to get back to work. While you may be eager to get back to work, or to apply for a new job in one of the high demand industries, it’s important to be prepared to experience a few changes.

Here is what you might expect to see when you go back to work.

  1. Some employers are asking employees to do a temperature check before coming in the building to work. Employees will be asked to stay home if they feel any hint of illness.
  2. Many businesses will have restrictions on the number of patrons allowed in the building at a time, requiring masks, and asking people to maintain a safe distance from each other.
  3. Some offices may install plexi-glass shields between desks, especially if the workspace is traditionally open.
  4. There will likely be fewer in-person meetings and limits to the number of employees allowed in a meeting room at a time.
  5. Employees will be asked to wash their hands regularly and gloves may be provided.
  6. Cleanliness in your place of work will be a top priority, and employees may be asked to clean work areas thoroughly.
  7. Some places of business will ask people to walk or sit in the same direction, so they are not directly facing each other.
  8. Employers may ask employees to use the stairs instead of the elevator if able.
  9. Some employees may come back to work in shifts, so that buildings are not over crowded, and people are able to keep a safe distance.
  10. Employees may be asked to enter and exit the buildings through different doors, and space out times to enter work, so that people can move to their workstations safely.

It’s important to be adaptable and ready to take all necessary safety precautions when returning to work. Make sure to ask your employer what specific measures you will need to take when you return to work, and don’t be afraid to ask for necessary sanitation supplies.