Is there a trick to this? Is it possible to find a job that you love while you’re currently still tied down to a job that you don’t? In short, yes. It is possible to successfully job hunt while you’re still employed by another company, but there is an art to going about it the right way.


For starters, you want to maintain your integrity with your current company. You don’t want to come across as being shady and secretive all of the time, always watching your back to make sure that no one else walks past your cubicle and sees what telling info might be up on your screen. If you schedule four dental appointments over the course of just one or two weeks, some questions might arise. You want to attempt to be as honest and smooth as possible in how you go about looking for your next job.


If you’re trying to keep your present job search on the down low for as long as possible, then you should consider delving into your accumulated PTO time. This doesn’t necessarily mean full days off, but merely a few hours here and there. Whether you need to get across town for a mid-day job interview or just need a few hours at your favorite coffee shop to catch up on applications, it could be very helpful to have those PTO hours at your disposal. Sure, there will be some explanation required for your current boss and coworkers, but, if you think through things ahead of time, then hopefully you can develop a reason for your absence that holds truth while maintaining the mystery of primary intentions.


When it comes to interview times, this can be another source of messiness depending on your current work hours and the flexibility of the hiring manager that you will be meeting. Typically, it is not unprofessional of you to counter a suggested interview time. Many feel the need to bend over backwards for the company at hand and assume that a suggested interview time is concrete, but many hiring managers are willing to work with interested parties and schedule an interview that works for both of you. After all, you have presented he or she with a knockout resume and cover letter, and there is a strong desire to further examine you as a very potential job candidate. So don’t be afraid to politely suggest an alternate interview time frame that will avoid putting your current job at risk.


With technology what it is today, you can largely journey through the job search process at your own pace and in your own home. Many pieces of the application process can be taken care of outside of company time. However, when the need arises, there are ways to go about it successfully without blowing your cover and damaging your character.