Have you been busy on the job search for weeks? Even months? The grueling process of filling out applications and resubmitting your resume time after time without any real results can be disheartening, to say the least. There are some days where you need help reconvincing yourself that it’s all worth your time and efforts.


There are a few key mistakes that some of us make along this journey that can be avoided if brought to our attention early enough in the game. We make all the right choices when it comes to our resume, cover letter, interview prep, etc. We have spent the time, and maybe even the money, ensuring that our resume and personal brand is seamless and delivered with professionalism. But has our outlook been prepared just as methodically?


When one sets out on the job hunt, there must be a mental preparedness that accompanies all of the hard work. Psyching yourself out before you start is not the best approach. Instead, follow these suggested guidelines in order to carry out your job search patiently rather than desperately grasping at any and all straws.


Stop thinking that any job is better than the one you have. We all experience burnout to a certain degree; we all have a slew of bad days under our belt. Although there are times when we have truly had enough and need to look for another job, there are also many times when we grow so desperate just to get away from a certain boss or coworker that we’ll settle for a new job that is a step down in our career rather than a step up. Don’t allow that mindset of desperation to take ownership.


Don’t get stuck in waiting on that “one person” to get back to you. Maybe you had a great interview with an awesome company, and you are hopefully expectant that they’ll be offering you the job any day now. While there is nothing wrong with a hopeful outlook, you cannot allow yourself to get overconfident and lose time by waiting longer than the allotted time. If the hiring manager was going to get back to you in a week, and it’s been three…then you need to start considering your next avenue. A lengthy wait will typically not result in the job offer you might be expecting.