Summer is drawing to a close, and the madness of all things back-to-school is in full swing. Parents are tearfully sending their kids off to kindergarten or college for the first time. Teachers are reluctantly returning to their classrooms after an all-too-short summer break. And, many of you are wincing as you fill in the blanks on your upcoming calendars regarding school-related events, games, practices, and so forth.


Busy seasons in life are always full of both excitement and weariness. We wake up in the mornings with the best of intentions and fall into bed at night with merely a shred of energy left to spare. For those who are cycling through the back-to-school rush while also trying to remain steady on the job hunt, the journey can be challenging. Whether you are a parent who is juggling a busy schedule with multiple children in multiple locations throughout the day or a school teacher/administrator who is swamped in meetings and paperwork, this time of the year does not pair well with necessary free time to pursue that dream job you’ve been hoping to score.


At times like this, it’s music to your ears to know that companies such as Platinum Resumes exist to make life easier and success more attainable. Platinum Resumes is a team of talented professionals who create resumes, cover letters, references dossiers and other forms of documentation and personal branding that make our clients shine on paper and strongly appeal to the hiring managers in their path. Having your resume completed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer, or CPRW, ensures that your credentials and skill set will be well represented and made to stand out among other competitors.


If you are drowning in a sea of things to do and cannot find the time necessary to make yourself the best job candidate possible, then give us a call. We would love to meet with you and offer our services in order to preserve your sanity and enhance your career options! Give us a call today at 816.986.0909 to get started!