For many of us, the first step of the job search process is thought to be marked by the entry line of a resume or the opening paragraph of a cover letter. We know that we need these important documents in place before we even begin to fill out an application. This thought process holds truth. We do need a solid and dynamic resume and cover letter to boost us high above the other job contenders.


However, many on the job hunt often drastically underestimate the power of networking. Whether you are turning the dial back six months or six years, there is often opportunity missed if you fail to evaluate your personal and professional connections. There are those that have success in pouring over LinkedIn connections to find potential and pertinent job openings while others comb through past emails and find forgotten treasures of contacts and job trails.


Nurturing your connections is a huge asset to be considered for the future of your career. Today may find you happily rooted in a job while next month or next year may find you otherwise. For that reason, taking full advantage of your relationships with others in your field is a wise choice for both the present and the future. When someone reaches out to you, don’t leave them hanging. If you are contacted via phone, email, LinkedIn, or any other medium in regards to a particular question or situation, be courteous enough to respond back to that individual and set the tone for potential communication in the near or distant future.


We don’t know exactly what’s around the corner, so we need to be prepared for a variety of circumstances. Life is fun and terrifying in that way, isn’t it? Keeping your lines of communication open and healthy secures your need for future networking. Stay in contact with old friends and colleagues and don’t ignore other’s professional questions. You may need to call on them for a favor sooner than you think!