Your resume and cover letter, as professional and pristine as they may be, can only go so far in authenticating your credibility as a potential job candidate. You need people in your corner who will attest to the things you have shared about yourself. You need men and women who know what you’re made of and who can articulately speak to your strengths and abilities. The references that you choose will become a vital part of your application process, for better or for worse.


The references dossier that we assemble for our Platinum Resumes clients is set apart from most other pieces of referencing documentation. There is no need to keep the same, dry format that every other guy uses. You need something that pops, something that provides the hiring manager with more than just the basic contact information and job description of your former boss or colleague. You want to highlight why, specifically, this individual can vouch for you, to explain the depth of their knowledge when it comes to your career history.


Again, these references are a big part of your consideration as a potential candidate for the job at hand. We work with our clients to establish a solid group of professional individuals who will speak well to your value as an applicant, and we work to create a document to accompany your resume and cover letter that will do well to capture the attention of the powers that be. This documentation will stand out boldly in comparison to the typical list of references that most applicants provide, and that is just the edge you need to move up as the number one applicant. Call us today at 816.986.0909 and let’s get this process started!