It is a full-time job to keep up with all of the new apps that are circulating in our world these days. Virtually every need that you have throughout the day can be met with the use of one app or another. For some, this is music to their ears, and they have to purchase an extra device just to hold all of their apps and data. For others, the number of new apps is so overwhelming that it’s just easier to stick to the few that you already know and love, or at least those that you somewhat understand and tolerate.


Although stepping out into unknown territory can be scary, it’s hard to know whether or not you have the best tricks up your sleeve at any given time if you don’t take a look at your options. When it comes to apps that relate to your current job search, you are not lacking in choices. There are a lot of apps out there that aid in tracking down the most recent job opportunities and pointing you down the right path regarding your particular area of interest and expertise.


However, although the choices are plentiful, not all apps serve as truly helpful resources while also featuring an easy-to-use design. The Indeed app offers both. It is a reliable resource for those on the job hunt and utilizes a large number of online portals to bring up a wealth of different opportunities after just a few clicks. Plus, on top of it being a great resource, it’s a free one!


The New York Times highlighted this app just earlier this week and claims that it is “designed to be simple” and is “brimming with useful job information”. The Indeed app generates a scrollable list of job listings that best match the search criteria that you plug in, such as the type of job you are looking for and the general location that you have in mind. The listings displayed appear in an easily readable format with pertinent details advertised for each suggested position. You can click through each job to find more info, and you also have the option within the app to Bookmark a job to a list of favorites and even post your resume.


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