When jobs around town, and even beyond, seem few and far between, how can you make yourself stand out among other applicants? When the job market seems to be working against you and every email and interview matters, then you want to make sure that you are bringing your A game to every possible platform of influence. From resumes to LinkedIn profiles to interview attire, every aspect of your professional image must be considered if you are going to make your mark.

At Platinum Resumes, we understand the power behind a strong job applicant and believe that every one of our clients, with help, has the ability to rein in that power. Every individual has a wealth of potential, both hidden and recognized, and it is our job to allow your prior experience and accolades to unfold in a way that sings your praises and sets the stage for high expectations regarding future performance. We work with professionals, such as yourself, to fill in the gaps of their job search that they are unable to fill.

Maybe you feel that interviews are your strong suit, but you first need help in getting noticed. Maybe you already feel good about the impact that your resume is making but feel that you are lacking in the strength of your online presence through your LinkedIn profile. Our seasoned career experts know how to take hold of the big picture of who you are as a job candidate and break down each section to discover potential room for improvement. We will take note of what the hiring manager sees when he or she looks at your portfolio and offer any necessary augmentation of your current documentation and profile details.

We are ready to take on whatever job search projects you have in mind and are willing to walk with you through this journey of ups and downs as you pursue the job of your dreams!