Are you one of those people who gets stuck on just one thing? Do you sometimes struggle to see the cohesive bigger picture? Perhaps, for example, you are building a new home or office building and are drawn to certain aspects of a new room while the rest is forgotten. You are really hyper-focused on those countertops but couldn’t care less about the floors. You are looking solely at aesthetics of the floorplan and the way in which you want things to open up and flow without considering utility costs or the structural integrity of the building.

We all struggle in getting hung up on certain details of whatever project we are working on and then mindlessly skimming over the rest. When it comes to your resume, however, this trend must be halted. Every square inch of your resume matters if you wish to be recognized and considered for highly competitive positions. You can’t focus on your academic background while forgetting about the importance of your recent accomplishments. You can’t worry about the precision of your well-manicured bullet points and then forget to run a basic spell check and catch your multiple grammatical errors. You can’t create a thorough timeline of all the many jobs you have held without proper explanation of the tasks that were performed in each role.

Your resume is very much the cohesive big picture view of your career, and every piece matters in describing who you are and in advancing you into your next chapter. At Platinum Resumes, our professional resume writers understand this concept and exhibit stellar products that do well to customize and care for every detail. We will take any prior resume(s) that you have written and polish your experiences and professional representation. The new and improved brand that you take with you into future interviews will wow the hiring managers because your resume and coordinating documentation will stand out among other applicants.

We do our homework around Kansas City and beyond to know what top companies are looking for in potential employees, and we will do our best to get your foot in the door and your name on the payroll. Give us a call today at 816-986-0909 to learn more about all of the many professional services that Platinum Resumes has to offer!