Of all the cities to choose from, we’re pretty fond of this one. A move to Kansas City will be one of the most exciting decisions that you’ll ever make! From the limitless options of entertainment to the amazing and delicious foods, KC offers an inviting and contagious atmosphere for all ages and walks of life. If you are moving to the city in search of a job and an opportunity to establish roots in this community, you are headed in the right direction. 


Platinum Resumes should be your first stop on the road to employment, your first phone call and your first face-to-face. Our company is proud to have served the greater Kansas City area for many years, and we are one of the top ranked resume services of our kind! Together, our team has written thousands of high caliber resumes and has assisted in getting those resumes and cover letters into the right hands. Because of our long established connections in Kansas City, we have developed a tremendous network and can provide amazing opportunities to our clients by utilizing that network. 


Whether you are only a few years into your career or edging closer toward retirement, our team of experts has the ability to meet you where you are and create a custom resume to fit your personal brand. We work with those seeking entry level positions as well as seasoned CEOs. From administrative assistants and attorneys to surgeons and sales professionals.  


When you work with our team to resurrect your sleepy resume, we guarantee results. Our clients see a huge increase in their callbacks and interviews because our networking is solid and our knack for words is effective. We are the creative touch that you need to get the ball rolling on your KC job search, and we know that we have the tools you need to jumpstart your career!