Platinum Resumes specializes in meeting people who are in a bind and looking for a way out. Those who are aimlessly searching for a change in their career yet unsure of where to turn or how to go about taking the first steps. We know that looking for a new job can be an overwhelming experience, and that you can suddenly find yourself in a pinch where you need to submit an application to a key company… and fast!


Our goal is to bring comfort and results to our overwhelmed clients who desire to land incredible jobs yet feel that they are inept at getting to that finish line alone. Many job seekers do well to jump online and do their research, finding potential jobs in their particular field of interest and city of choice. They quickly realize that finding the job was the easy part, though, because now they are faced with the dire need of a seamless and speedy resume submission in order to stay ahead of the competition. Such a job in such a field will not stay vacant for long, so time is of the essence.


Our team of career experts is ready and waiting to take on such a challenge! Our seasoned resume writers are truly talented at what they do and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the resume writing department. We have a knack for knowing precisely what the hiring manager is looking for, and we meet with each of our clients and get to know their story and skills so that we can offer that hiring manager their best. We know that first impressions are crucial and that a resume must be noticed and appreciated for an interview to be considered.


Our resume services produce solid results in a short amount of time. Our entire process takes only about 7 business days, days which are spent reviewing what you have to offer in your career and preparing you for the resume process and interview questions that lie ahead. We enjoy what we do and look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Give us a call today at 816.986.0909.