Blog #1 – Professional Advice that Every Job Seeker Needs to Hear


We could spend all day creating various sets of lists. The top five reasons you should do blah blah blah. The top ten results you’ll see if you do such and such. The three ways to reach the top by attempting to accomplish this or that.


There are many great opinions and guidelines out there, and the endless possibilities that Google places at our fingertips are more than enough to give us job seekers some motivation and food for thought. Many have walked before us on a similar path and offer their tips and tricks for how to climb the ladder of success in the way that they have.


However, there is a weeding process that must be consistently in place, as we’ve all learned that you can’t believe everything, or even half of the things, that you read online. Not everyone’s advice is good advice, and not all career paths are ones that you’d like to emulate. The guy that recently got fired and writes his advice column with severely malicious undertones may not be the best words to glean from. The young lady who spent 5 days looking for a job and settled for something far less than her potential is probably not writing an article that would offer much sound judgment or hope.


When it comes to quality advice for the job seeker, it’s best to be attentive to the wisdom of professionals in the field. Use your networking connections and find sources that are legit. Seek the opinions of those whom you know to define success in the same way as yourself.


Whether you have already heard great things about Platinum Resumes or you have happened upon our website by chance, we are thankful for the opportunity to assure you that we are, in fact, a source to be trusted. Our career experts do not boast in vain but are very talented at what they do.


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