In the culture in which we live, you’ve got to understand technology to survive, right?! Whether it’s punching buttons on your tv remote, relying on your phone to direct you to your road trip destination, or intricate programming of the latest software, we’ve all got our hands in technology on some level.


Some may have more of a knack for it than others, but just because you don’t have the tech gift doesn’t mean that you can’t work for a technology-based company. Those non-tech people who dream of a job at Apple, Google, or other such monsters in the job market can cling to hope that there just might be a job in the field that fits you, in all of your non-technological shortcomings.


We stumbled upon this Top 10 list from Natasha Rhodes, CareerBliss, that lays out some job options for the individual that wants to get their foot in the door of a company that, at first glance, seems far out of their reach. Natasha points out in her article that, “many high-up leaders in the IT and Tech industry don’t even have degrees in technology. This list includes John Chambers, former head of Cisco Systems (who was originally trained in Law), LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Logan Green, CEO of Lyft, who were both initially trained in Economics. “


So, don’t you now see that there’s hope for you? Consider this list of the Top 10 jobs that you can apply for at tech firms that do not require a Computer Science degree.


  1. Web Content Writer/Content Editor – Write material for the internet to be published on various different platforms, usually asked to adhere to a specific style guide
  2. Marketing Manager – Develop a marketing plan for the brand which includes sales, promotions and various advertising
  3. Brand Manager – Will take ownership of the development and consistency of the company’s image in the public eye, working closely with PR department
  4. Technical Writer/Editor – Take a complicated and more scientifically written piece and re-word it into something that can be easily understood by the common reader
  5. Public Relations Manager – Working to develop a positive community within your company and representing your whole company as you communicate with outside media outlets
  6. SEO Manager/SEO Analyst – Work to help your company reach the top spot of Google search results, utilizing clever techniques and staying current with all of the constant changes
  7. Project Manager – Leader who coordinates the details of the various company projects and maintains a synchronized and well-organized team
  8. Business/Research Analyst – An expert in the particular market, following trends, attending seminars and events, and reporting back to the company in a way that can be understood by any and all employees
  9. User Interface (UI) Designer – Looking at company product and tweaking it in a way that is best understood by the average consumer, either by hand or computer
  10. Web Analytics Manager – Numbers people who use number-tracking software to look at website viewers and report back on multiple levels

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