We are excited to extend our blog series for yet another week with more client feedback! We know that we are working hard to mold and develop stronger job candidates in today’s competitive market, but it is nice to be reminded that our work at Platinum Resumes is not in vain. This is a testimony from an individual, much like yourself, who was already  successful and capable in his field yet yielded even greater success from our professional advice and expertise. We hope that the experience he shares below will further convince you that you, too, could benefit from our services at PR!


  • How did you discover Platinum Resumes?


I received a recommendation from a long-time friend who was also a Platinum Resumes client. He had tremendous success with his career following working with them and insisted I give Platinum a call.


  • What brought you to the point of choosing to seek professional assistance with your job search efforts?


I have a strong education but was not finding the career opportunities I had expected, following completion of my degree. I was witnessing my friends and colleagues find success who had hired outside help, and I wanted to follow suit.


  • Was it easy to become a client with Platinum Resumes? Why or why not?


Yes. They were extremely thorough in explaining their process and what was required of me in terms of providing information. They were also very clear in understanding my skills, background, and career goals before executing their services.


  • What about working with Platinum was most helpful to you in your journey of working to land your dream job?


I made it clear what my ideal company and job were, and Platinum targeted it with the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I was given the interview in a very competitive landscape and offered the job among many qualified candidates.


  • Did the cost of the services that Platinum Resumes offered you pay off in the end? Was it worth it?


Absolutely, yes! It is another industry in which you certainly get what you pay for. I have used Platinum several times, and, each time, I have gotten a better employment opportunity. These services helped me land my ideal job and the compensation which goes along with it!


  • If you were to sit down with a potential PR client, what would you say was the most valuable piece of advice that you walked away with?


Learning that the job search process, when done right, starts long before applying for the job itself. It is vital to be prepared. It is about having a polished resume ready to present along with the other materials including cover letter and references dossier. It is important to have these ready to go at all times, instead of rushing to complete them only when an opportunity arises.


  • Did you land that dream job that you were after?


Yes. And it is going great!